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A new generation of changemakers is transforming our world. Who are they? And what are they doing?

A new generation of change makers is transforming our world. We see change from new and unexpected sources, shaped by new ideas and new voices. The power to influence others no longer lies exclusively in the hands of the business and political elite. 

As prolific advocates they operate in different sectors. But, like you, these change makers are united by a shared purpose - solutions to bring education, equity and employment to all. 

Through the theme of the Global Education & Skills Forum 2019 "Who is changing the world?" come and meet those individuals and groups who are achieving prolific change.

Plan your time in specialist tracks or move around different tracks to experience more.

  • The world's best teachers reveal their successful classroom practices.

    The Global Education and Skills Forum brings together the world’s best teachers to share their innovative practices. Join sessions in the Classroom @GESF track to find out what (and who) is really making the difference to the classroom context and student outcomes.

    What's happening in the Classroom @GESF?
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  • Policy leaders share experiences, lessons and expertise.

    The Global Education and Skills Forum brings together those working in (and with) governments to explore complex international education issues. Join sessions in the EduPolicy @GESF track to find out what (and who) is really making the difference to education systems around the world. 

    What's happening in EduPolicy @GESF?
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  • Break-through researchers with findings on the science of teaching and learning.

    The Global Education and Skills Forum brings together the insights from global education researchers. Join sessions in the Learning Sciences @GESF track to find out what (and who) is really making the difference to the study of learning and human development. 

    What's happening in Learning Science @GESF?
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  • Civil society groups and NGOs share how best to meet SDG4 – a quality education for every child.

    The Global Education and Skills Forum convenes vital parts of the international community in this milestone year. Join sessions in the SDG4 @GESF track to judge what (and who) is accelerating progress against the Sustainable Development Goals.

    What's happening in SDG4 @GESF?
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