Industry experts will share knowledge and insight during our five track sessions.

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts changing the world of education and will be able to attend different ‘track’ sessions taking place across the event. Our specialist tracks include: Classroom, EduPolicy, Learning Science, Next Billion Ed Tech Summit and the SGD4 Summit where you will hear from the world’s best teachers, leading government and policy makers, the next generation of researchers and innovative EdTech start-ups  – all paving the way to ensure every child receives a quality education.

  • Leading teachers reveal their successful classroom practices.

    Our Teacher Talks platform will share new research conducted by, and for, teachers and share with you some of the innovative practices that are making a difference to students. We will be teaming up with Teach for All to showcase what happens in some of the most successful classrooms in the world through their Global Learning Lab and delegates will once again be able to hear more from our Global Teacher Prize Top 10 finalists in our GTP Masterclasses.

  • Policy leaders share experiences, lessons of innovation and areas of expertise.

    EduPolicy will bring together insightful education thinkers – from government ministers to changemakers in civil society, business, academia and policy-making to explore the most complex issues facing the international education community today. Delegates will be able to engage with the most pressing issues through public briefings, captivating Ed Talks where speakers introduce a new idea via a multi-media presentation and Deep Dives where delegates are given the space to think aloud behind closed doors. 


  • Leading researchers share their latest findings on the science of teaching and learning.

    The next generation of researchers will discuss their most important insights as they work to better understand child development and learning. Sharing research from disciplines including psychology, educational sciences, economics, linguistics, neurosciences and genetics, they will outline how their findings will impact everything from teaching methods in the classroom to development of the latest educational apps and will offer a glimpse into how powerful new ideas will accelerate change in the educational world through the coming decades.

  • Supporting the future of learning with EdTech

    The Next Billion Ed Tech Summit, hosted and curated by the Tmrw Institute will bring together the most important players from the spheres of education and technology who are transforming learning as we know it to serve the next billion. Witness some of the world’s most inventive ed-tech start-ups compete to win the Next Billion Prize – an award highlighting the emerging EdTech that will have the greatest impact on low income and emerging economies and engage in round table discussions with policy makers on EdTech.

  • Learn about the activities civil society and NGOs are undertaking to support the meeting of SDG4 – a quality education for every child.

    2019 represents a pivotal year in which the international community will judge progress against the Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG4 on education. Civil society is an important component of this goal – whether this is through delivering programmes alongside governments, financing new and innovative concepts, shaping laws and policy pronouncements or conducting research. In these sessions, delegates will have a chance to discuss the roles of civil society in education reform and how progress can be accelerated towards a quality education for every child.