About GESF

Each year the Global Education & Skills Forum brings together world leaders from the public, private and social sectors seeking solutions to achieving education, equity and employment for all.

The Forum

Over two days, more than 2,000 delegates at the Global Education & Skills Forum share, debate and shape new ways for education to transform our world. The Forum culminates in the awarding of the Global Teacher Prize, which recognises the exceptional work that teachers do around the world.

An initiative of the Varkey Foundation, the Global Education & Skills Forum is an essential platform for collaboration and problem solving - taking ‘how it should be’ into innovative, multi-stakeholder ‘how do we get there together?’

The Varkey Foundation

The Global Education & Skills Forum is an initiative of the Varkey Foundation bringing together leaders from the public, private and social sectors, to demonstrate that education is the key to solving global issues. At the Forum delegates ask what education should be, and how we can get there together, taking a multi-stakeholder, innovative approach.

The Varkey Foundation believes that having motivated and high-quality teachers is essential to ensuring that every child has a good education. This why the need for more teachers, and improved teacher training, is at the heart of the Global Education & Skills Forum – as delegates, as speakers and as thought leaders. It is also why we celebrate teachers them with the Global Teacher Prize. Thanks to inspirational teachers like these, students develop the skills and knowledge that they need to lead successful lives and positively impact the world.We are moving towards a day where every child has a good teacher, and therefore a good education – creating a more open and prosperous society for us all.

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